Welcome to Artists View!

Here's the front view of the house. It overlooks Horn Head and Kilahoey beach.


This is how it looks from the front of the house

The light is always changing on the sky and sea. You'll never tire of looking out the living room window.


We installed one of these

Five person hydropool spa with comfy seats, jet recesses and LED lights. What's not to love?


And I always wanted one of these!

100 disc CD jukebox. Covers all kinds of music, so hopefully there's something for everyone.


You have one key for the back door. Inside the back door in the key cabinet (with the rooster on the front) is a bunch of keys (leather fob) that will open the shed and the garage. Make sure everything's locked up and the keys are back in the cabinet when you leave.

Derek and Mavis Curtis, next door, also have a back door key. In an emergency call 0044 7890 868929 for the location of a hidden key.


On the front of the furnace/boiler unit (over by the door to the toilet in the Studio) is a timer clock to the top left. There is a tiny switch on this with “1”, “0” and “A”.

0 is off.

1 is on.

A is for the timer and not currently used.

Please make certain the furnace is off at night and when you leave.

The house will heat up rapidly – please switch off the furnace to conserve oil, when the place warms up.


On arrival you (should!) will find that the fire is already set, with kindling and newspaper. The coal bucket (already full) and shovel is in the shed. There is also more kindling ready, in the garage. In the garage there is a also supply of firewood and sticks. The coalbunker is near the back door of the house. Old newspaper is kept in the cupboard under the sink.

The fire will heat the hot water and assist the furnace, so keep a good fire in as your first armoury in fighting the cold.

When you leave, set the fire again (as you found it), ready for the next arrivals and re-fill the coal bucket and have some firewood ready.

Moore’s Garage and also the Central shop in Dunfanaghy sell all kinds of fuel – firewood, coal, turf, kindling and peat brickquettes.


The immersion heater will probably not be needed in the winter, with the fire lit and heating on. The switch is in the kitchen by the hot press door. Please make certain that it is off when you leave.


Empty bottles and glass containers can be recycled at Kilahooey Beach car park or in Cresslough, on your way home.

Plastic bottles, tin cans and cardboard are brought home for re-cycling.

Place used newspaper in the cupboard under the sink, for fire lighting.

All other rubbish, including ash from the fire, needs to be brought home or disposed of in local bins. There is no weekly/fortnightly rubbish collection in Donegal.


Here's everything you need to know


The new wooden floor seems to be quite susceptible to scratching, so please take particular care until felt pads have been fitted to the feet of chairs and tables etc.

Please regularly sweep up any loose stones, sand or ash to minimise the chances of scratching the floor.


When leaving, remove anything perishable, like milk, meat (near sell by date), left-over Chinese takeaway etc, unless there is room in the freezer to save anything sensible.

Make sure the freezer door and fridge door are properly closed.


Leave all towels well spread out, so that they can dry properly. Perhaps on a radiator or the long towel rail in the bathroom. Very dirty towels to be brought home for washing.


The television and DVD player are switched off at the plug on the wall. The Satellite (Sky) box is on separate plug and must always be left plugged in. The plug is marked with ”SAT” in black marker pen.

When leaving, switch the TV plug off again at the wall. Please leave the Satellite on at the plug, and on stand-by at the box (red LED, rather than green).

There is an audio feed to the amplifier by the front window, from the Satellite box and DVD player. The feed is switched between each, by the unit beside the boxes under the TV. This is useful for good sound when watching a movie or similar on TV, or for listening to Satellite radio (TV can be switched to standby when listening to radio through the amplifier).

BBC Radio 1 is on channel 0101

BBC Radio 2 is on channel 0102

Planet Rock is on channel 0110

The amplifier also has a 3.5mm jack connection for iPods, iPhone or MP3 players and there is a stand-alone docking station in the Studio.

To switch between the Freesat box and the DVD player, find “Input Select” on the TV remote (LG) and select either HDMI1 or HDMI2.

The Freesat box will have a selection of recordings saved on it – mainly movies and a few music shows. Press “Media” on the Freesat (Humax) to find them.


Please write a note, however brief, in the diary to record your stay.

It would be helpful to also note anything that is a problem with the house, or suggestions for improvements.


Make sure all windows are closed and all doors locked when you leave Artists View. Return the keys to the cabinet


And here's how to get to us

We are:

Artists View



Co. Donegal